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SmartGirls and the Town Hall Meeting in NY’s District 20 with Rep. Scott Murphy

August 9, 2009

Original article published here.

Democrat Representative Scott Murphy’s claim to fame outside of New York is probably that he very narrowly won the Congressional seat held by Kirsten Gillibrand before she was appointed to take Hillary Clinton’s seat in the Senate. Murphy held a town hall style meeting today, and he spoke well and without much fanfare. SmartGirls were there.

The number of attendees was impressive. My non-scientific estimate would be 200-300 people; not bad for a crowd gathered in the parking lot of an apple orchard/fruit market! We knew that was pushing its members to be there and they (and those on their side) made a pretty good showing. We still outnumbered them, though. 🙂

As expected, a few instigators tried to provoke the opponents of Obamacare. One classy leftist waved a huge, handwritten sign that said something like “Black President, Latina Supreme Court Justice, Get Used to It.” Nice. A few people attempted to argue with him, but it was pointless and they literally “moved on.”

I waited in line for over an hour to ask my question. However, as luck would have it the man directly in front of me was the last person permitted to ask a question. Murphy took around 20 questions, and the Obama fan behind me in line pointed out that “my side” got to ask a good majority of the questions. I think he was right. A few on “their side” asked why Murphy was not supporting a pure single-payer option, and two were senior citizens who claimed they were happy with their Medicare coverage. Must be the only two senior citizens in the country who feel that way, and even Murphy made a joke to that effect!

I will give credit to the MoveOn-ers. They have professionally crafted Pepto-Bismol pink signs, and some wore matching t-shirts. I saw a few “AARP” t-shirts, and a few “Obama/Biden” t-shirts. You know, for those who just can’t separate the Messiah from the substance of this particular issue.

Overall, it was a peaceful, yet boisterous, town hall meeting with a large turnout. Our side was well represented with many intelligent questions and comments. We were all ages, genders, races, and ethnicities. We are sunburned, but I think we can feel good about what happened in District 20 today.

And five SmartGirls were there.

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