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My First Ever Blog about My First Townhall Meeting with Zoe Lofgren District 16 CA

August 13, 2009

By SGP Member Katie

I attended Zoe Lofgren’s District 16 Townhall meeting at the Almaden Community Center in San Jose, CA on Monday August 10th. I live in this extremely liberal, yet highly educated district. I had heard from my Father-in-Law that the meeting was occurring, it was posted in the little neighborhood paper. I couldn’t find any other advertising for it anywhere online or otherwise. I called the community center and they confirmed.

Fortunately, I got there early and overheard one of the center employees say to get one of the 200 seats because they are closing the doors once those seats are full. Well, they proceeded to do what they warned and closed the doors on about another 150 people standing outside. Some of those inside began taking pictures of the maximum occupancy sign that had “567 standing” posted on it and began asking staff why they don’t let the people in to stand in the back. (There was plenty of standing room in the back.) The meeting started and two gentlemen in the crowd stood up and very loudly began reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with others joining. The fabulous SJPD finally had the doors opened for those standing outside.

Zoe gave her 15 minutes of propaganda and opened it up to questions. Things were relatively orderly, and unexciting which will explain why you haven’t seen the youtube videos for her meeting on the news. My estimate of the crowd in this educated, upper-middle class neighborhood was about 95% against, 5% for the House Health Care Plan. I can only guess that 5% since they wouldn’t dare say a word for it, or the crowd would get very hostile. This was an extremely informed crowd with possibly a collective average IQ a good 20 points higher than Congress. There were the usual good questions of tort reform, payment of abortions, (which she admitted would be paid for and she agreed with that decision) and the crowd favorite of why does Zoe think the Feds can get this right when Oregon, Massachusetts, and Hawaii couldn’t. The question got a standing O. People continued to dispute some of her answers with actual facts. It was fabulous being part of American History.

It’s posted on youtube in 3 parts. The videos are long, boring, and pretty raw, but Zoe shows her true colors and is really sweating. No good fights or much yelling. The main message from this meeting was that we have informed ourselves, and we are not having it. It wasn’t about clarifying the “misinformation” that’s out there. She was finally escorted out by the SJPD to shouts of “Vote No”. We’ll see if she can get re-elected.


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